That Summer Feeling #23

For many youngsters in the UK, today is the first day of the summer holidays, so today’s post seems rather appropriate.

Lifted from their third album, here’s some Art Brut:


Art Brut – Summer Job

Be a nice change to get served in shops by stroppy, disenfranchised teenagers instead of bored, disinterested adults for a few weeks, won’t it?

I’ve loved Art Brut and lead singer Eddie Argos’s witty lyrics and, shall we say, distinctive vocal style since the moment Llyr and I first stumbled across their debut single back in 2004. It’s a glorious yelp of youth, an announcement of arrival, coupled with an archness, a knowingness and it steals the thunder of any critics who don’t like his “singing voice” before they have chance to fire up their laptops to pen a scathing diatribe: “It’s not irony, it’s not rock’n’roll, we’re just talking to The Kids!”


Art Brut – Formed a Band

Love it. There’s a slightly more polished version on their debut album “Bang Bang Rock’n’Roll” which, if you don’t own, you really should. Or just stick around, I’ll find an excuse to post more from it sooner or later.

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “That Summer Feeling #23”

  1. Why can’t I get a lot of suggestive videos and adverts popping up when I play your tracks?? You should use Zippyshare, it’s great for that.

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