That Summer Feeling #22

Last one for this weekend.

And I’m not sure that, strictly speaking, this qualifies as a summer record.

But, since part of the name of the act includes the word “Summer”, I’m posting it. The thread’s called “That Summer Feeling” for a reason. My rules. Moan and I’m taking my ball home.

I first stumbled across this record back when The Chart Show was still on Channel 4 on a Friday evening. I was aware of the female part of the three acts involved, through their “Rules and Regulations” 12″ which I’ve mentioned before, my brother and I both having purchased copies of it, in all its one-side-music-the-other-side-etched-caricature-of-the-band glory.

It took me a looooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggg time to track down a copy of this record. In fact, it was a good 15 – 20 years later that I finally stumbled upon it in Kelly’s Records, the second-hand record stall in Cardiff’s indoor market.

It was also, I think, my first introduction to the deadpan brilliance that is Ted Chippington, of whom I’ve also banged on about quite a bit here before, so I’ll spare you this time.

I speak of this:


The Vindaloo Summer Special – Rockin’ With Rita (Head to Toe)

I bloody love that record. Cheesy smile on my face whenever I hear it.

More soon.


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One thought on “That Summer Feeling #22”

  1. Not heard that one for a good while. I think there was a Ted solo version on the flip side of his She Loves You single. I would verify, but I’d need to start moving furniture around to get at the box I think it’s in.

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