How to Do a Cover Version (That Summer Feeling #20 – #21)

Aww, you guys.

Following on from my post yesterday about Mr Blue Sky, I received two comments nudging me in the direction of two more, very different, cover versions that I wasn’t aware of, both of which are so good, I felt obliged to seek them out and post them.

So, and with thanks to Alex G, first up here’s Lily Allen, who did a version for a French mobile phone network advert (I think) which doesn’t seem to have ever had an official release here in the UK, hence this awful sleeve I found online:


Lily Allen – Mr Blue Sky

Further thanks to julianbadenoch for letting me know about this:


Joe Brown – Mr Blue Sky

Joe will be featuring in a future post I have lined up, so I won’t talk about him now, but I have to say, that’s bloody good, isn’t it? It really captures the happy-go-lucky essence not just of the record, but of Joe himself.

Dad – one for you to learn?

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “How to Do a Cover Version (That Summer Feeling #20 – #21)”

  1. I always wondered who Joe Brown was when I was much younger, he kept appearing, or seemed to, on children’s TV shows, to great acclaim. I just didn’t get it. Still, he was more entertaining than Arthur Askey…….

  2. ………and that Lily Allen version is bloody annoying………I’ve switched it off after 36 seconds…..

  3. Seen a few fairly recent live clips of Joe on YouTube. Very entertaining and some lovely self-depracating humour. Black Betty is indeed very good. Sadly I cannot say the same of Lily’s effort here.

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