How to Do a Cover Version (That Summer Feeling #15 – #16)

I would imagine many of you would have been surprised that today’s song didn’t feature in last night summer-themed Friday Night Music Club.

There was a reason for that. I was holding it back. Yes, further evidence of me actually planning what I’m going to write instead of, as it may often seem, simply sitting in front of my laptop, starting to type and see what crap I can get away with.

This is, unquestionably, not just one my favourite summer songs ever, but one of my favourite songs ever. As testimony: after hours at Glastonbury in 2010, Heledd and I wound up in The Silent Disco. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept: all attendees are provided with headphones. The venue has 2 DJs playing simultaneously. You, the headphone-wearing attendee, can flick between channels/DJs and dance and sing-a-long (there is a lot of singing-a-long, so the pretence of it being silent is something of a misnomer) to your hearts content.

It so transpired that at one point, Hel and I had tuned into different DJs, when I felt an urgent tapping on my shoulder. It was Hel, who had worked out from the pace of my amazing dance moves (shush!), and absence of singing, that I was not listening to the same tune as her, a tune she knew I would not want to miss. Which probably means over the years I have bored her senseless about how much I love it.

This one:


Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky

I know of only one band to ever have attempted to recreate the majesty of that song, and to be fair, it’s from a Peel Session, a bold choice and they don’t try that hard to completely recreate the majesty of that song.

They do, however, manage to make quite a good, albeit indie-schmindie, fist of it:


The Delgados – Mr Blue Sky

Actually, I’ve not listened to their version for a while. S’rather fine.

Oh, and bonus points to them, of course, for being named after Roger Delgado, the actor who originally played The Master in Dr Who (Jon Pertwee era).

More soon.

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8 thoughts on “How to Do a Cover Version (That Summer Feeling #15 – #16)”

  1. I thought they were named after Pedro Delgado, the cyclist? Hence having an album called “Peloton”. I suppose the smart thing to do would be to look it up, given that I could probably do that more quickly than typing this sentence saying I can’t be bothered to look it up.

    I remember Lily Allen did a cover of Mr Blue Sky once. Possibly for that thing they used to do on Radio 1 after I stopped listening to it where people did cover versions for some reason, but I think it came out as a B-side as well, back when records had B-sides.

    1. We could, but looking stuff up is so passe. Besides, if I were wrong I’d simply say Peloton was a play on words of the Dr Who story “The Masters of Peladon” (1974, I think) and then who knows what nerdness would break out?

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