That Summer Feeling #2

I have a playlist on my iPod of summer records. Every time I wake up, open my curtains and see the sunshine, the playlist gets popped on as I head to work.

Inevitably, by the end of the day the storm clouds have gathered, and I’ve got drenched when I popped out to Boots at lunchtime to pick up my meal deal and flirt with the lovely wobbly randy old ladies on the till.

Equally inevitably, this will be the first song I play on such days, a perfect way to start a sunny one, without being as try-hard inspirational as that bloody song by Elbow about throwing open your curtains and having a wonderful day.


Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine

Any song which contains the lines:

“I’m a minger, you’re a minger too

So come on minger, I want to ming with you”

is a) wonderful, and b) probably written but someone sitting in my sweaty vicinity at work in the last couple of days.

And I’m not trying to jinx the weather. Honest.

More soon.