That Summer Feeling #1

It’s hot. Too hot. I mean, I like it hot, but not this hot.

Which is basically my explanation for not having finished writing up this week’s edition of The Chain. I spend the whole day in an office with no air-conditioning (or if there is, they’ve not decided it’s warm enough yet to actually turn it on yet), tapping away at my laptop, sweltering in a pool of my own sweat, and frankly it’s not something I’m inclined to do an awful lot more of when I get home.

So The Chain will return in the next few days, once the heatwave has passed, and to expedite it I figured I do a few short posts featuring my favourite summer records. That ought to jinx the hot weather, alright.

Here’s the first, an absolute doozie, which as far as I can tell from a quick recce round the blogs of my, I’m the first to post this year. Yey. Go me.


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – That Summer Feeling

As you will see in the next few posts (assuming it isn’t tumping it down with rain tomorrow), my preference for summer records is more Summer Breeze than Summer Fun(although the latter is highly likely to feature too).

More soon.

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7 thoughts on “That Summer Feeling #1”

  1. Well it’s between this and Summmertime by Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince as the greatest song with Summer in the title. And I mean that with no irony

  2. I have seen Jonathan play this one on a hot day. Heaven. As for here in Seattle, we have yet to have such a day this summer. Last July, we had 18 days that were 80 degrees or more. This year, a big fat zero. We haven’t even been close. And nothing but dark clouds to boot.

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