2016, I Hate You

There was so much love on the internet when Victoria Wood died, I didn’t feel the need to comment.

But last week, we lost another Northern funny female voice when Caroline Aherne died, and I have to say something,

If I really wanted to, I could now post a whole host of links to brilliant, hilarious, funny stuff that Caroline was responsible for, from Mrs Merton, to The Fast Show, to The Royle Family.

You don’t need me to do that. You already know what a sad loss this was. And anyway, long term friend Terry Christian nails it in this interview:

Oh, go on then. Here’s my favourite comic creation of hers, Renee, of Roy and Renee fame:

From what I have read since her passing, Caroline battled with illness for most of her life. We should be thankful that what little time she had with us, she dedicated to making us laugh.

So: a song that will forever be synonymous with her name, the theme tune to her masterpiece, a song that when released was tucked away as the B-side to my favourite song by the band in question.

It’s obvious, I’m not the only person to post it, but it’s right:


Oasis – Half The World Away

More soon. I just hope not in this thread.


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