Don’t Get Angry, Get a Gin & Tonic

I’ve been greatly amused by the suggestions I’ve received so far for this week’s The Chain, not because of the records suggested (which, as usual, are of a very high standard) but for the unprecedented amount of comments which read along the lines of “No, wait! I thought of a better one!”

I know how you feel.

I can’t believe I’ve got through my many EU Referendum posts, without mentioning this:


Kaiser Chiefs – The Angry Mob

I’m not quite sure which angry mob this best applies to: the Remainers for the injustice of it all, or the Leavers for either feeling duped into voting the way they did (anecdotal evidence continues to rise in this regard), or annoyed the Brexit process hasn’t started yet or (some, not all of them)  for there still being non-English people in the country.

There’s only one way to find out…FIGHHHHTTT – er, no, let’s not, eh?

(Props for whoever did that sleeve though, great isn’t it?)

More soon.


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