Which Reminds Me…

…if ever someone asked me to name my Five Favourite Singles….Ever! I’d struggle.

By which I mean, I’d struggle to pick the other four, because this would definitely be in there.

When I was a kid, inexperienced in womenfolk, I remember telling my best friend that if ever I was in a position to finish with someone, I’d just quote the lines of this song to her:


Chas & Dave – Ain’t No Pleasing You

Truly, one of the greatest records ever made, by one of the most important and influential acts ever.

And if you don’t believe me, watch this:

I’m not a fan of professional syringe botherer Pete Doherty, but something he says in that rings true:

“Just like The Clash, just like The Smiths, just like Keats”

And that whole “singing in my own voice” thing pre-dates The Smiths by five years or so, and Britpop by about twenty.

“Top five singles ever….!!” ??  “Ain’t No Pleasing You” is unquestionably in there.

I’ll say no more.

Except……only Arsenal fans dislike Chas & Dave.

On the occasion of a friend of mine’s 30th birthday (10 years ago) we went to see Chas & Dave play at the 100 Club. It was a mighty fine night, lots of drinking, singing and dancing.

But after the gig, one of our group, an Arsenal fan, went and got her picture taken with Chas, but was somehow blissfully unaware of the act’s allegiances (as they were of hers).

“What do you mean they’re Spurs fans?” she howled afterwards when I broke the news to her. “They’re from North London, they must be Arsenal fans!”

“Only if you count Woolwich as North London” I sympathetically crowed.

Case closed.

More soon.


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