Sunday Morning Coming Down

So I had this morning’s post all lined up and ready to go, when I did my usual sweep of my peers’ blogs to check I wasn’t posting anything anyone else just had, and to see if there was anything I wanted to download (and then buy shortly afterwards, of course), and I visited, as I often do, and if you don’t you should, Swiss Adam’s magnificent blog “Bagging Area” where he had written these words:

“It’s half term and we are in the Lake District for the next couple of days, near Ulverston (which I can’t think of without singing it to the tune of Glen Campbell’s Galveston).”

I’m exactly the same: anytime I see a bottle of Gaviscon the same tune pops into my brain. I can’t believe that ad-men haven’t tried to use it to promote their milky acid-reflux busting wares, although they may have been met with the same reaction as when those charged with promoting a haemorrhoid cream tried to use Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” in their ad.

Anyway, Swiss this one’s for you:


Glen Campbell – Galveston

Two things of note about this. Firstly, check out the title of the B-side – possibly the most Country song title I’ve ever seen.

Secondly, and I’ve written about this before on these pages, it reminds me of a disastrous blind date I once went on, where, towards the end of the evening, after we’d both realised the date was going nowhere except home alone in a cab, we discussed music and I happened to mention I liked some Country music, and named Kris Kristofferson, after whom this thread is now named, as someone who’s work I particularly admired. My suggestion was shot down by my date, who proclaimed Glenn Campbell as the greatest Country star ever, and naming “Galveston” and “Witchita Lineman” as two of the greatest records ever.

Which they are, but they weren’t written by Campbell, they were written by Jimmy Webb, and of course I couldn’t resist pointing out the flaw in her argument to her, triumphantly declaring myself to be the winner of that particular round of hostilities.

46, and still single. Can’t think why. Which sounds like a pretty good title for a Country record itself.

Meet y’all back here later for some Chain fun?

Or, in other words: More soon.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Laughed out loud at the little round of oneupmanship with your date. Call me shallow, but I usually found that it was a good idea to broach the subject of music fairly early on in these kind of circumstances. i.e. before the actual date. Hell is being stuck in an intricate conversation about Michael Bolton’s back catalogue, with two courses of your meal still to come.

    1. Nowt shallow about that. I’m sure had we not both been preoccupied with finding fault with each other we would’ve got onto the subject a whole lot earlier!

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