Late Night Stargazing

If ever I was asked to name my favourite album by Teenage Fanclub, I’d probably pick their sixth, “Songs From Northern Britain”. And then I’d change my mind and choose “Bandwagonesque” instead. And then I’d think about it a bit more and pick “Grand Prix”. And so on, until I’d gone through the whole lot.

This is from “Songs From Northern Britain” and, as with pretty much every Teenage Fanclub song, it’s flawless:


Teenage Fanclub – Planets

More soon.


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4 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

    1. What I would say is that it’s a mark of just how amazing the band are that their sixth album could even be considered to be their best; usually it’s the debut album of the follow-up which sees a band hitting their peak, but for a band’s sixth album to even be in the running just goes to show what an wonderful, consistently brilliant, act Teenage Fanclub are.

  1. I’m going to join in with this love-in for Songs For Northern Britain, a very fine album. I’d like to add that no arses were being licked here whilst this song was playing at the farm.

    1. I refer my learned friend to my previous response. And I’ll also scrap my plans to open an Arse-Licking Farm, if there’s no demand.

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