Just Dandy

So The Dandy Warhols were not just good last night, they were astoundingly good. The sort of gig you come away from kicking yourself for not knowing more of their songs so you could have enjoyed it even more.

Other than that, just one downside: Electric Ballroom, if you’re going to insist a set is finished by 10pm on a Saturday night(!!), how about advertising “on stage” times, so the ticket buying public don’t turn up at 8:20pm and find the act they’ve paid to see already on stage? We’d have happily turned up earlier and spent our money buying your beer rather than that of a local pub if we’d known.

In other words, we missed the start, and without checking songlist.fm, I have no idea whether they played “Get Off” or not.

Which I just have. Bugger. Stroppy Tweet sent to the venue.

Highlights? Plenty of them.

From Courtney Taylor’s solo rendition of “Everyday Should be a Holiday” which prompted the best crowd singing I’ve heard since watching Evan Dando soldier on to play an acoustic version of “Big Gay Heart” after the sound system conked out mid-gig at the Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, through a boisterous rendition of “Bohemian Like You” via awesome takes on “I Love You” and “We Used To Be Friends”.

But for my money the show-stopper was this, which I’ve posted before, but it’s so good I make no apologies for giving it a much deserved second airing:


The Dandy Warhols – Godless

There was no brass section with the band last night; instead the trumpet line was provided by the drummer – and the crowd – “parp-parp-parp”ing along in full voice.

Just glorious.

More soon.

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