Sunday Morning Coming Down

I mentioned I little while ago (I think) that I’d received one of those Facebook things, where you are invited to provide a list about a certain topic, and then forward it to friends and invite them to create their own list. Sounds fun, right?

Actually, I received the same request twice: list 12 albums which have “stayed with you”, or, put another way, list 12 albums you bought when you were younger that you still listen to regularly now.

The album from which this morning’s song is taken was on my list, which makes it even more surprising that I’ve managed to get this far in to writing this blog without ever posting anything by The Lemonheads.

So, let me put that right by posting this track from the slacker-rock, alt country classic that is The Lemonheads’ (or just Lemonheads, as they were at this point) “It’s a Shame About Ray” album:


The Lemonheads – Hannah & Gabi

If you’re unfamiliar with The Lemonheads, main man Evan Dando makes no bones about Gram Parsons being a huge influence, so if you like Parsons, you’ll definitely like that.

More soon.