All Other Music is Temporarily Suspended #6

Who wants some rawk’n’roll to get their Monday morning off with a bang?

Here’s a song which attracted the attention of Tipper Gore and the PMRC when it was originally released as part of the “Purple Rain” soundtrack, covered by a band who were supposed to be headlining Glastonbury last year until lead guitar thumper Dave Grohl went and broke his leg when he fell off stage. I can’t help thinking such trivialities wouldn’t have stopped Prince, who seems to have been rumoured to be playing there for as long as I can remember. Ah well, rumour no more.


Foo Fighters – Darling Nikki

This year’s Glastonbury headliners are Adele and Coldplay, which is almost the same as the Foo Fighters, right?

And here’s the immaculately rude original:


Prince & The Revolution – Darling Nikki

By the way, it’s no coincidence that he called his band The Revolution.

More soon.


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3 thoughts on “All Other Music is Temporarily Suspended #6”

  1. CC….it’s not FFS who are the third main act at Glasto 2016 (if they were, it would go some way to saving it…….)

    It’s Muse – FFS.

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