Same Title, Different Song

Okay, so not quite the same title, but what’s an apostrophe and a couple of brackets between friends?

First up, this bit of bare-footed Bacharach and David brilliance:


Sandie Shaw – (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me

And here’s The Housemartins with their farewell single, which I always felt a little underwhelmed by. But then any single by The Housemartins was pretty great, and definitely better than much that was around in the charts at the same time:


The Housemartins – There is Always Something There to Remind Me

The latter song is dedicated to Alan Duncan MP for his vile “low achievers” comments.

Us so-called low achievers are not jealous of the wealthy because of their wealth, we’re angry with them because of the way that they got their wealth. That, and their failure to contribute financially to the country in which they made it.

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “Same Title, Different Song”

  1. That would be the very charming Mr Duncan who made a rather large profit from a right-to-buy council house. Which wasn’t his to buy. And the same man who claimed ca. £5000 for gardening expenses as an MP. And complained at having to live on rations fro”m his £64000 salary. We’re all in together.

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