The Chain

Mention of Radcliffe and Maconie’s afternoon show on 6Music in my Friday Night Music Club post this week got me thinking of another very regular item on their show: The Chain.

For the uninitiated, every day one of their listeners rings in to suggest a record to play next in the thread of records. The only caveats are that a) you must be able to link it to the previous record in The Chain, and b) it can’t have been played before.

Or, as they say on the BBC website: “The Chain is our never-ending list of records, with every new track somehow connected to the last. Every day Stuart and Mark play three records and discuss the connections that link them.”

There are three records in The Chain per show. So I will never catch up.

I have managed to locate a website which seems to be up-to-date with the tunes selected thus far (it’s on number 5,826, which sounds about right, and having listened back to Friday’s show, we’re bang up to date), so I thought it might be fun if we started looking and listening to each of those. I figured we’d all benefit from it: firstly, we’d all get to hear some tunes we may not be familiar with; secondly, I would have to seek out and find the ones I don’t own or know anything about and think of something to say about them; and thirdly, it means I’ll really have to try quite hard to crowbar a Quo/Super Furry Animals/The Wedding Present reference in.

Also, I will have no idea how they have got from one record to the next, so it’ll be fun trying to work that out. Your suggestions as to what the link is will be most appreciated.

So here’s the first tune that was ever played in The Chain, a fairly predictable one if truth be told:


1. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

I don’t think I need to insult your intelligence by explaining this to you, do I? Taken from not just one of the greatest break-up albums ever, but one of the greatest albums ever, this song is perhaps best known in the UK as being that record they play on the BBC’s  Formula 1 coverage. (Do they still? I have no clue.)

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “The Chain”

  1. Jez

    You are a man with very fine and eclectic taste. As such it is easy to forgive you for sticking up for Rumours. It’s an abomination of a record.


  2. Now now, I just said greatest break up records, not greatest records. Though I do like it, so not sure why I’m bothering to make the distinction. Looking forward to your suggestions in due course!

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