The Chain #2

Well, I must say I hadn’t planned on doing the second post in this series so soon, but something happened which made me reassess what I would do with this thread.

OK, so the plan here wasn’t to take requests, it was to play all of the songs that have been played in the official “The Chain” section of Radcliffe and Maconie’s 6Music show.

But I’ve wanted to make this place a more interactive, communal experience for a while, and this seemed a perfect opportunity, prompted in no small part by the excellent When You Can’t Remember Anything blog, which you should go see if you haven’t already.

But, if you care to pop back to the first post on this thread, you’ll see that it elicited a suggestion – I won’t call it a request – in the Comments.

The reason I won’t call it a request is because I appreciate that the Comment left was a gut reaction, a knee jerk response to the words “Fleetwood Mac”. I do it myself. Often someone will say something to me and I find myself blurting out a lyric or a pop-culture reference that invariably leads to a quizzical brow being raised in my direction.

But it got me thinking: how about we do our own version of The Chain?

So here’s the new plan: whenever I do a post on this thread, I’ll play the next in the official Chain, but I’ll also welcome your suggestions on what to play next. I’ll play the best suggestion along with the “proper” one on the next post. Deal?

Unfortunately, this means that I have no option but to post the song suggested in the Comments from the first post, and I must stress at this point that I had to go out and find this, I didn’t already own it. I mean, I know I say there’s no such thing as a Guilty Pleasure, but everyone’s got a fucking limit.

So, here you go:


The Reynolds Girls – I’d Rather Jack

I’ll be checking to see how many of you download that, by the way.

When I was looking for this record (because I categorically did not already own it, ok?) I found out – and I really don’t know how I managed to miss this, surely there was a national holiday in celebration? – there was a Reynolds Girls reunion in 2007. That said, having watched this, I’m pretty sure it’s a piss-take, but I must admit I’m not 100% sure. Is it still April 1st?

Anyway, that’s enough of that.

Here’s the record which actually followed “The Chain” in…er…The Chain. I can only think the link was TV sports themes:


2. Booker T & The MG’s – Soul Limbo

Ok, so over to you. What record shall we have next, that links with Booker T & The MG’s “Soul Limbo” (and NOT The Reynolds Girls!!!) ? Your suggestions via the Comments box, or tweet me @jezbionic please!

More soon.


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5 thoughts on “The Chain #2”

  1. Nobody going for it? OK then… not wanting to go down the cricket route (especially as that’s kind of the same connection as the last one) I suggest instead “Love Town” by popular music’s other mildly successful Booker, Booker Newberry III. We could vote on which one is better and award some kind of prize.

      1. Exactly. I did try to come up with somebody who shares their name with a different literary award, but couldn’t think of any. Well, there’s Sesame’s Treet by Smart E’s, I suppose. Though if we’re getting into misspellings of children’s book awards, there’s a Newbery Medal too, so Mr III already has that one covered.

      2. Yes, I realised after a I replied that I’d trampled all over your gag. Apols. Anyway, seems its just you and me doing this thread as it stands. Will give it another day or so to see if anyone else bothers to suggest anything

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