Happy Easter Monday (Part 2)

Okay, so having come up with four eggs-tra (ha ha! See what I did there?) songs with Easter-y titles, I decided three of them were a little too tenuous to post (especially as, not exactly being the religious type, I couldn’t quite remember which bullshit story was which and therefore whether they actually were in anyway relevant or not) and decided to plump for this stone cold classic instead:


Mott the Hoople – Roll Away the Stone

More soon.

Happy Easter Monday

So this is what posting on a Monday looks like, is it?

I had today’s choice all lined up and ready to go, when I read Adam’s post over at the consistently excellent We Will Have Salad yesterday where he, quite rightly, and unaware of my selection, said that the tune I had decided to post today was a bit obvious. As a result, I toyed with the idea of not posting it, before deciding that I’d post it regardless, that it would be fine to do so as long as I acknowledged its obviousness in a knowing, post-modern kind of way. Which I think I’ve just done.

And anyway, I can always post more than one song today, right?

So here it is:


The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

This is the full length album version, with the extended guitar wig-out at the end. A friend of mine once said that they hated the part of that where it “sounds like the theme tune to [popular children’s TV show] “Rainbow”

It took me ages to work out what he meant. See if you can spot it, dear listeners.

I’ve been visiting my parents over the weekend, travelling back today, so I’ll use the time on the train to come up with something a bit…well, if not better, then different. At least three have already occurred to me. You have been warned.

More soon.