How To Do a Cover Version

Ok so first things first, Underworld were fricking amazing.

One of the joys of it was the crowd, all incredibly friendly, probably because many of them had scored. I don’t think I’ve had as many random conversations with people since the height of my clubbing days, when random conversations were part of the appeal of going clubbing.

So hello to the blokes who stopped me in the gents to tell me how much they liked my t-shirt; hello to Martin who I met at the bar and decided to talk to me because I was “from his era”; hello to the guy from Dundee who had bought tickets thinking Underworld wouldn’t travel anywhere near his hometown, only to find two weeks later they were playing a festival there; but most of all to the chap dancing in front of me who, when it got to the line in “8-Ball” that goes “Today I met a man who threw his arms around me”, suddenly turned and did that: gave me a massive hug. Afterwards, whilst apologetic, he said “I just thought it’d be a nice thing to do”. Which it was, and it reminded me of why I loved, and why I miss, clubbing so very very much.

Which leads me on to today’s choices, and I have a double-header for you: two classic dance records covered by the same band in a slightly different way. We’re in real “you’ll either love or hate this” territory here, by the way.

The original (which so nearly got included in the Friday Night Post):


A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Original Mix)

and the cover version:


The Williams Fairey Brass Band – Voodoo Ray

Yes, that’s a brass band hailing from Stockport.

Like that? Have another one:


The KLF – America- What Time Is Love (Radio Edit)

Yes. That’s right. They’ve covered that too:


The Williams Fairey Brass Band – What Time Is Love

And to make it even more peachy, KLF mainman Bill Drummond heard their version and invited the band to collaborate with The KLF (appearing in their alternative personae as The Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu) on a track titled “Fuck The Millenium”

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the t-shirt I was wearing, it was this one:


People of a certain age will recognise it. The rest of you…well, you know what Google’s for, right?

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “How To Do a Cover Version”

  1. Did you happen to see The Great Pottery Throw Down? They used that album for background music quite a lot.

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