How To Do a Cover Version

Is it wrong that one of my favourite records ever is by what is, to all intent and purpose, a puppet?

I don’t mean in some kind of anti-pop star, “he/she’s just a puppet of Simon Cowell” kind of way, or in a “propped up by a fascist regime” Simon Cowell way either: I mean your actual bona fide, hand-up-the backside/worked by strings puppet.

Specifically, I mean this:


Kermit the Frog – The Rainbow Connection

I think I mentioned previously that I once provided 13 mix CDs for a house party; to be played strictly in the order they were labelled, they were to take the party from the start (some quieter, quirky, background records for when people were arriving), through to Indie hits, followed by some dance classics (my timing of this one was particularly immaculate, arriving just as everyone was coming up on the substances which had been circulated and consumed), back to indie floor-fillers for a while, before winding down and ending with a chill-out mix for the bit of the party where nobody wants to go home but the supplies have virtually run out, so you all just sit round talking nonsense and generally feeling the mood. And into this final CD I popped this record, which prompted a rather lovely singalong amongst the post-gurn gathering.

I had completely forgotten until it announced itself on my iPod the other day that I owned an album of cover versions of songs by the Muppets, and so here’s the cover of “The Rainbow Connection”, which I think is okay, but not a patch on the original. It could have been much worse, looking at the list of other participants, and at least they resist trying to make this sound exactly like the original, or, as this lot are often want to do, exactly like “Buddy Holly”:


Weezer – Rainbow Connection (feat. Hayley Williams)

It is, however, pretty close to this version:

More soon.

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