Late Night Stargazing

Two or three days after I posted my Country music edition of the Friday Night Music Club, it occurred to me that I’d made a glaring omission.

So let me put that right, right now.

I have several versions of tonight’s tune and I’ve been torn as to which to post here: the version from their MTV Unplugged album?  Or the live version released as an extra track on the “Bang and Blame” CD single? Maybe the live BBC studio version recorded on “Later…with Jools Holland” that features on the “At My Most Beautiful” CD single? Or how about the live version recorded for The Bridge School Benefit releases, where Neil Young pops up? Somewhere I’m sure I have version where Bruce Springsteen joins them on stage, but I can’t seem to find that, so it will have to wait for another day.

That’s all of them I think, which is lucky as I’m bored of typing the word “version”.

I was plumping for the Bridge School Benefit version (gah!), when I read this:

“Stipe has claimed that he did not even write the whole lyric down, that he “just had a piece of paper with a few words. I sang it and I walked out.” The following day, the hastily improvised take was deemed good enough and it was not re-recorded…Stipe has said at concerts that it is his favourite R.E.M. song.”

Yes, he has:

But then again, he says that a lot:

Hey, a guys’s allowed to change his mind about what his favourite R.E.M. song is, particularly when you wrote them all. Lord knows I change my mind often on this very subject, and I’ve written hardly any.

Anyway, if they deemed the one-take original version good enough to go on “Out of Time”, who am I are to argue? Here it is then:


R.E.M. – Country Feedback

More soon.


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3 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

    1. Not had chance to listen to this yet, but will report back. Nice article though; funnily enough they are responsible for my favourite gig ever too, which I’ll get round to writing about sooner or later..

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