Sunday Morning Coming Down

After a lot of umming and ahhing about what to post this morning, I’ve settled for this slice of loveliness:


Dennis Wilson & Rumbo – Lady

Whilst this may have been written by Dennis with the intention of it being recorded by The Beach Boys, it was passed over for both the “Surf’s Up” and “Sunflower” albums. So Dennis hooked up with the fantastically-named Daryl Dragon (who went on to become better known as The Captain from 1970s MOR duo Captain and Tennille) to record and sneak it out in the UK as a B-Side to “Sound of Free” in 1970.


More Soon.


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One thought on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. love the arrangements on this…not so keen on the vocals. But by god, that’s a right obscure one you’ve come up with….and incredible background facts too!

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