How to Do a Cover Version

If today’s first lesson was to camp it up and go uber-gay, then when the song you choose to cover is already both of those things you only have one option:

Be arch, too.

And maybe throw in a Broadway choir for good measure.

Or, to put it another way: be the Pet Shop Boys.

The original:


Village People – Go West

The cover:


Pet Shop Boys – Go West

And as a reminder of just how brilliant Pet Shop Boys are, here’s the video too. You’re welcome.

More soon. Obvs.


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2 thoughts on “How to Do a Cover Version”

    1. Ah, glad we agree on this one. As with so many of the acts I’ll write about here, I was a very late convert to Pet Shop Boys (what’s the best way to abbreviate that? The Shoppies? PSB? The Petties..?) for reasons I will explain at some point soon….

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