Late Night Stargazing

Another resurrected thread.

From their much maligned “Up” album, which many say marks the start of R.E.M.’s downward trajectory. Sure, their high points were behind them by now, but we can only say that with the benefit of hindsight. For on this album, and all of the subsequent ones, bad though the albums may be (by which I mean, not as good as those they released at their absolute peak), there’s always at least one song, often more, which gleams through the silt, showing what they were still capable of.

In football terms, “Up” would be described as a “transitional period”, since it was the first release after founder member Bill Berry quit. That’s what happens when you collapse on stage from a ruptured brain aneurysm:  you suddenly become less keen on playing live.

What the remaining members seemed to do next was to turn to new technologies to try and cover up for his absence, and on the whole this tactic doesn’t really work.

But that’s not really all that obvious on today’s choice, the utterly gorgeous:


R.E.M. – Suspicion

They knew what they were doing when they shot the video, though. Simple, stripped back, beautiful.

More soon.




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