Apropos of Nothing

Well, not quite of nothing.

As I walked into work on New Year’s Eve (yes, some of us had to work in that bit in the middle), my ipod decided to give me the following almost six-minutes of perfection:


New Order – True Faith

And here’s the video:

When this came out, dunderhead that I am, I never noticed that all the slapping of faces is perfectly in time with the rhythm of the record.

Videos where the visuals are synced to the music, but otherwise seem to bear no relation to it, reminds me of one of the greatest videos ever made, directed by Michel Gondry, he of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” fame.

A few years ago I was unemployed and living in Cheltenham. My brother, God love him, rang me at some unseemly hour for a chat and to try and bolster my battered spirits. But I was distracted, watching a countdown on TV of the greatest music videos ever (! probably) and this came on. As he’d never had the pleasure of seeing it, I tried, unsuccessfully I think, to describe it to him.

Well, here you go bruv, consider that rectified.

There isn’t a train journey that I’ve been on since I first saw this that I haven’t put my earphones in, pressed play, and gazed out of the window, willing the world to fall into time with whatever I’m listening to. It never happens. Which just makes this even more magnificent.

A simple idea, perfectly executed.



More soon.





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