Late Night Stargazing

So, on Thursday night I went to see Ride play the Brixton Academy.

I had bought my mate Holmesy a ticket for his 40th birthday (he won’t thank me for announcing that here – it took him 9 years, 364 days to admit he was in his 30s), as in the 15 years or so I’ve known him, he has often regaled me with tales of how much he loved their track “Sennen”. So when the Oxford quartet announced earlier this year that they were going to reform to play some gigs – the first of which sold out ridiculously quickly – I knew that we would end up going, and that this would be the easiest birthday present to sort out ever.

Also in attendance: Neil, who had won two tickets earlier in the year to see Mark Gardner and Andy Bell perform an acoustic set at the 100 Club, and had kindly invited me along. He had also automatically bought two tickets for Thursday when they went on sale, so confident was he that I would be up for going (in other words, that he would get his money back without having to speak to a tout).

On Thursday, Ride had dispensed with a support act, opening with “Leave Them All Behind” as part of a Greatest Hits set (insert own gag here) for an hour or so, then came back on to do their album “Nowhere” in its’ entirety, followed by an encore which unsurprisingly took us back to where it all began, by doing “Drive Blind” and “Chelsea Girl”.

It was a truly great night. Here are some observations:

  1. There isn’t much funnier than a bunch of men of a certain age all trying to get a mosh-pit going again for old times sake
  2. Two-pint plastic glasses, whilst tricky to carry, are a God-send in terms of reducing trips to the bar
  3. Mark Gardner still looks pretty buff, but should lose the hat. If Harry Styles is wearing one in 20 years time, Twitter will break again
  4. Andy Bell really does looks like he was in Oasis for ten years (or Whatever)
  5. The other two looked exactly the same (so I’m told)
  6. Mark Gardner plays his guitar more like a penis extension than any other guitarist I have ever seen live
  7. I never gazed at my, or anyone else’s, shoes, the whole night
  8. “Drive Blind” contained an epic sonic blast of fuzz-fuelled guitar noise that had it been on the original record, you would have been checking the stylus to see if there was a massive dust-ball stuck to it
  9. It’s a tragedy that they never used to play “OX4”, such a thing of beauty was it on Thursday.

Judge for yourself:

ride_main_1345111498_crop_550x550 Ride – OX4

PS: I have a semi-amusing Ride bon-mot from back in the day. I’ll save that for when I get to 1990 in the “History of Dubious Taste” thread though. That is what’s known as “a teaser” in the business.

The Return of Friday Night Music Club

Hello! Remember me?

Yes, not only am I back, but so is the Friday Night Music Club.

I’ve been pottering around with a super-long playlist for quite some time now – at the time of writing, it stands at 642 songs long and lasts 1.7 days, so yeh, super-long pretty much sums it up –  and I figured the time was right to share it (whilst adding to it regularly as well).

So, here’s the plan: I’m not going to post it all in one go (needless to say I cannot be arsed), but consider this the start of yet another of my post designed for you to “cut out and keep”, by which I mean listen to or download (and then go out and buy, obviously…) and which hopefully I won’t get bored of or forget to do.

Instead, every Friday I’ll post the next five songs in the playlist; some of these will have already have cropped up within these pages, some will in the future, some will appear then never be heard of again, much like some of the artistes performing them.

Hopefully, in the fullness of time, there will be something for everyone here; for if the Friday Night Music Club were a team on The Apprentice, it would be called “Diversity”

So here’s the first five. I think you can very much consider these mood-setters…

Some_candy_talking The Jesus & Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking

R-85292-1096010617_jpg Flowered Up – Weekender

R-4430515-1365006717-4630_jpeg Johnnie Taylor – Friday Night

MI0001523408 Clinton – People Power in the Disco Hour

giorgio-moroder-donna-summer-barbra-streisand-no-more-tears-enough-is-enough Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand – No More Tears (Enough is Enough)

More next week.