Sunday Morning Coming Down

It is the morning after the day that Jeremy Corbyn swept to the leadership of the Labour Party. I’m not going to bang on about politics here this morning, but suffice it to say I’m pretty happy about this. Although I appreciate this is the stuff of debate and he does have the potential to be the next Michael Foot, there’s something very refreshing about a man who is principled, speaks his mind and seems not be utterly dependant on spin, and wants to pull his party away from the centre ground it had been edging towards and back to its roots.

The fact his election slogan was “Jez we can” helped too, of course. Every knows it’s a cool name, right?

Anyway, from one Jez to another, some advice by way of this rather lovely cover of an R.E.M. song lifted from the “Wild” soundtrack:


First Aid Kit – “Walk Unafraid”

PS – Americans. You’ve spelt “Theatres” wrong.

More soon.