Late Night Stargazing

I’m not stalling for time, honest. 1985 will be here soon, I promise.

But for now, something new(ish.)

A few years ago I was living in a now ex-friend’s house whilst they went off travelling. I was house-sitting, if you like.

Anyway, before my now ex-friend returned from travelling and gave me precisely two days to get out of her house, effectively rendering me homeless, I was a smoker who was strictly forbidden from sparking up indoors. So I would often find myself standing outside, puffing away, nothing to do but look upwards, and eventually I decided I needed some appropriate tuneage to accompany my late night lung cancer encouragement.

What I ended up with was a playlist on my ipod which gave me cause to stop and think, whilst marvelling in the glory of the night sky.

Okay, I haven’t described that particularly well.

What I mean is, the tunes in this section will be obviously late night songs, as opposed to the more up-beat strum-a-long Sunday Morning posts.

Fuck it. I’ll just say it. Have a spliff and enjoy the tunes I post in this section.

This should make all of that make sense:

hqdefault Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)

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