From Leeds With Love

Onwards, to 1989. (I hope you’re not expecting posts in this series to be in any kind of order. Or maybe they are, time being all timey-wimey and all that)

By the way, this has nothing to do with the Leeds/Reading Festival this weekend, although a quick hello to my Glasto-family who are at the Leeds site for the weekend, and have probably been there since about Wednesday.

And so, to Brassneck. Or rather to one of the tracks on the b-side (remember them…??) of the 12″ (remember them….???)

the-wedding-present-brassneck-rca The Wedding Present – Box Elder

Now. I have a confession to make. When I bought this record, I had no idea this was a cover version. In fact, I remained oblivious to this fact until 1992. And then, in December, I ventured down to the metropolis from sunny Peterborough and went to my first ever gig at what used to be called (and still is by right-minded people) The Brixton Academy.

On the bill: headliners – Sonic Youth, promoting their “Dirty” album. Gig opened by Riot Grrrrl troupe – Huggy Bear. And sandwiched in the middle – Pavement, promoting their “Westing (by Musket and Sextent” album.

I knew nothing of Pavement at the time, at least so I thought. Then, as their set approached the end, they played a song that I realised I knew, and the penny dropped.

pavement_westing Pavement – Box Elder

And that was it. A band nobody else (that I knew) knew, that Gedge had endorsed via a cover version on a b-side of a 12″ single. How could I resist..??

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3 thoughts on “From Leeds With Love”

  1. I already had vinyl by Pavement via my oh-so-early adopter of a brother… so having the current turntable darlings with my indie gods the Sonics was pure audio dynamite. Having an older brother with fine taste in music allowed me the courtesy of much teenage bragging rights about how i liked this band and that band before anyone ever knew about them. Yes, i was indeed a twat of the finest order.

      1. That was Ben Harding i think… i chatted to him one time at the back of The Junction about how good the support band for one of their gigs was. He was a top bloke. All that lot were. Keds was a bit out of it all the time, but always made awesome photos. Mega City Four were fucking awesome too. I remember photographing them for a cover shot in the dirty fucking hole of a toilet at the Boatrace pub in Cambridge… Wiz had his arm round i urinal i think. Perfectly summed up the pub and them. They went down the pisser thru no fault of their own. they were before their time… theres a million teeneage punkpoppers that would love them these days. they would have been huge. shame. i loved them dearly and had every piece of vinyl they ever released.

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